Hire of Test Chambers or sales of Second Hand Test ChambersTest Chamber Hire

Rhymney Test Equipment LTD have a wide range of chambers available for hire. Please see below the environmental testing capabilities of our chambers that are for hire, Some of these chambers for hire cannot be removed from our site but you can use our facility to test your products. The Test chambers available for hire are for a minimum period of three months unless prior agreement. Equipment in stock that is available for hire can vary, so please contact us to find out what is available and to discuss rates.

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Testing Capabilities

• Life / Accelerated life testing
• Production Monitoring
• Standards compliance testing
• Testing during design and development
• Transport simulation
• Climatic testing
• Temperature testing
• Humidity testing
• Thermal shock testing
• Temperature cycling test
• Corrosion testing

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Second Hand Chambers for Sale

We often have second hand and refurbished test chambers in stock available for sale or hire. Our inventory can vary depending on what is available, so if you are interested in purchasing or hiring second hand chambers and equipment. Please get in touch for more information on what is available by contacting us on: