Rhymney Test Equipment LTD

Rhymney Test Equipment LTD have a range of test chambers at various sizes that can provide ultralow temperature controlled storage. 

These test chambers have the capability of testing and storing your products at -75°C.  

Which is mainly used in pharmaceutical industry especially covid-19 vaccine testing and storage.  

Rhymney Test can also supply these products through a third party and also have two -90°C ultra low storage freezers being delivered in January 2021.


For more information contact us at  
E-mail at info@testinghouse.co.uk

Also our sister company SJJ System Services LTD can offer you a fast, efficient and friendly service operation on your ultralow test chambers. Ranging from one off visits to fully comprehensive cover depending on our customers requirements and budgets available.  
We work on various systems such as Brunswick, Binder, Sanyo, Panasonic, Xi’an LIB Environmental Simulation Industry Systems among other’s.

Temperature -80°C and below.
Various sizes from 50 litre up to 1000 litre and custom build such as walk in storage.
For more information contact us www.sjjsystemservices.com 

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